The Good Guys Note #13 - The Women and Good Guys

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Hello, Good Guys friends,

Welcome to The Good Guys Notes #13

It's Women's History month, and we have a history of collaborating with Women within Good Guys. We love it and are proud of it.

Today, we will talk about our collaborators and friends we got lucky to cross paths with these past few years, passionate women, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, and most of it all, wonderful Human beings we had the honor and pleasure to work with and learn from.

Marion Hanania, founder of Good Guys has collaborated with many women since she launched her Vegan brand in 2011. In the past few years, she crossed paths with real badass ladies driven by passion in their work and life, who are businesswomen, artists, mothers, and activists sometimes being all that at once. Meeting these women along the way is an inspiration and a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with and create a network of strong independent women and like-minded people.

YANA Yatsuk created the whole FW21-22 campaign for Good Guys, from the photographs to the design of the campaign itself. Yana is an incredibly talented Ukrainian artist based in Los Angeles, California. She just shot the cover of TIME magazine and the cover of Billie Eilish's latest album, amongst other impressive works.

Yana Instagram HERE and website HERE

AMI Sioux is a long-time friend, musician, traveler, and photographer who shot many campaigns for Hermes, Adidas, and Timberland and eventually shot the SS22 collection for Good Guys. Lucky us! Ami shot the campaign in her Big Sur, California home, a dreamy, rustic, elegant setting with natural light and a soothing atmosphere. A beautiful Californian postcard sent with love from her to us.

Ami's website HERE

CHARLOTTE Huguet has, to quote her: "... a taste for the sobriety and imperfection of objects which, she says, gives them, like people, a unique character." She's a Stylist and co-author of the book Countryfication, an inspiring tale of how to live and adapt your lifestyle in the country when you come from a big city. Charlotte created a guide on "how to wear Good Guys" around a selection of iconic vegan clogs, boots, and shoes.

Read the Good Guys Note Style Guide HERE


LINDA Abud is a jack of all trades. She's a mother of two, a force behind the delicious and revolutionary vegan burger company "Plant Power Fast Food." She is a muse for Good Guys, the influencer of our dreams, the beauty who does not wear the beast, a vegan fairy, and a strong human all at once. We love collaborating with Linda and giving her Carte-Blanche, and we love what she creates with our collections.


ASIA Rain has put the word "Vegan" on the Los Angeles "map." She built a Vegan heaven called "Besties Vegan Paradise." the 1st 100% vegan grocery store in America. She also opened a Zero-waste shop and a Coffee place called Vegan Coffee (obviously), where you will soon find a selection of Good Guys shoes alongside the best selection of Non-animal, Cruelty-free shoes in the world. We created a small line of socks for her Running team called "BESTIES RUN CLUB." We will keep working together for a while as we have a lot of fun creating a better world!

Besties Vegan Paradise link HERE  Vegan Coffee Los Angeles HERE

MAYRA Zaragoza is a ceramist, a photographer, a teacher, and a problem solver. She has been shooting so many collections for us, she's the eye behind all of our product shots, she can make a dreamy picture out of a rubber sole or a wooden clog, she snaps your feet at the bottom of the stairs, and they look so incredible you can't believe their yours :). Mayra is fun and talented and an excellent collaborator and person altogether.

ANTONELLA Santoro is the second half of Good Guys. The essential mechanism that makes everything go round. Marion and Antonella have exchanged more text messages, emails, and voice memos than anybody else. They live in different timezones, different countries, and follow different rhythms. Still, they live for the same ethics with a common goal, create beautiful, eco-friendly, cruelty-free collections and bring them to the world. Marion often says not so jokingly: "Antonella is the yin to my yang."

Thanks for reading this Good Guys note. We take our time and find subjects that will interest you, inspire you, and give you more insight into who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Hope you enjoyed this one!
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