Bonjour, Hello,
In 2011, I, Marion Hanania, French shoe designer, artist, animal lover, vegan, created GOOD GUYS DON’T WEAR LEATHER, the first 100% Vegan Shoes company from France.
GOOD GUYS shoes are completely cruelty-free and sweatshop-free, the shoes that I designed are manufactured in Portugal in a fair-trade environnement. 
All the materials that we use are eco-friendly and sustainable made in Europe with certified manufacturers. We use mostly Microfibers also called 'vegan leather' or 'vegan suede' They are made in Portugal, Spain or Italy. We use canvas sometimes and natural rubber or wood for the soles. 
I design my collections to be timeless, durable and comfortable, they match my Style and my Ethics.
I am proud that GOOD GUYS has grown to be beloved by a wide variety of artists, activists, vegans, non-vegans and fashionistas alike.
Thanks for your trust and support!
Marion Hanania
Founder and designer of