Cleaning your GG


cleaning your GG from GOOD GUYS on Vimeo.



    First of all, DO NOT USE products that are made for Leather or suede, use only product that are meant for MICROFIBER and SYNTHETIC Leather.

    We recommend a specific product, a 100% vegetal soap made in France LE SAVON DU BRUGERON it works for all the materials we use, canvas, veg.suede, veg.leather even the sole. You can find it at your local store

    Our tip to keep your Veg. Suede shoes in good shape:

    • To clean the UPPER PART of your shoes, use a soft brush (or Toothbrush) and brush the shoes gently after the rain or once a month to get the dust and dirt out of them, that will keep them "looking good"
    • For your HEELS (DUKE,DAISY, ELLA, DIZZY..) as soon as you see wooden part of the heels appears and you notice the bottom isn't flat anymore but more "oblique" it means that it's worn out and need to be "fixed", we would advise you to walk for 2 weeks with your NEW boots and "break" them, then go to a cobbler and place a "hard top" on both heels and a rubber sole on the front part of the outside sole if you feel like it.
    • The REMOVABLE SOLE in your SAMO & WACK sneakers can be washed separately in your washing machine (cold cycle)