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Made in Portugal 🇵🇹

We had only one supplier in Portugal in Guimaraes near Porto when we started our journey in 2011. We reach out to them with many design ideas and a brand new concept; we want to create a shoe line that is 100% Vegan! 

We purchased alternatives to leather and suede, 100% animal-free materials, which at the time were not easy to come around. We needed a period of testing and adjusting the production chain and techniques to these new materials. Our suppliers were intrigued and agreed to the challenge.

They fell in love with our products and concept and decided to help us build Good Guys from the ground up. We are still working with these "historical" suppliers today. 

For our first season, we gathered 900 pairs for production from boutiques and stores worldwide, which boosted our confidence that Vegan products could find their place in a Leather dominated world.

We are very grateful for all they did for us, their patience, open-mindedness each time we visit the factory in helping us to create the best products possible. Our cowboy boots, western boots, and sneakers are produced in Portugal. 

Watch a homemade video we made during our last visit to the factory in Portugal below.



Made in Spain 🇪🇸

Our sandals are produced in an artisan workshop near Toledo in Spain. They exclusively manufacture vegan footwear and have a savoir-faire for comfortable footbed and open-toe shoes.
Their production has been 100% vegan since 2016, but they have manufactured footwear for over 100 years. This small "atelier" has been certified as an artisan workshop for its traditional manufacturing process by the "Ministry of Industry of Spain."

For our summer sandals, we use the anatomical insole made from cork, latex, and jute they created, a firm pillow for the foot: light, comfortable, flexible, and absorbent.

Made in Italy 🇮🇹

In 2021 we started a new collaboration with a small family-driven factory in Italy in the Marche region. We have dreamt of designing a premium line of vegan casual shoes and boots in Italy for years and finally made it a reality thanks to this new partnership.

We found what we were looking for in the Marche region, where ancient savoir-faire and traditional techniques are preserved, and factories are small family businesses. In the same region, you can find factories working on different shoe components, which create a local community of shoemakers, sole makers, and material suppliers, reducing distances and carbon footprint.
Below you can watch a video of the making of a pair of Oscar in Italy.
Worker's skills are essential. They produce hand-made, high-quality shoes with a high level of craft. We developed a close relationship with them, visiting them twice a year and discussing various production matters over calls daily.
We take time to talk with the whole team, understanding if some steps of our developments could be too complicated if our design is sustainable from a different point of view.
The factory's family owners are themselves a genuine part of the production process of the shoes. 
Having the chance to work close to their family-house and in a fair-trade environment, these workers are happy to contribute to sustainable products. Meanwhile, the balance of work-family is respected. We are also pleased to say it is a cooperation between two women-driven companies.  
Our socks are produced in the North of Italy. The factory only works with OEKOTEX® yarns. The owner Angelo bought his first two machines in 1974 and started his business. Today his daughter Marina is our precious help in realizing our design with the best techniques. It's beautiful for us to discover this new world allowing us to offer our customers the best matching accessories to our shoes and a way for us to send messages to the world with our "eye-catching signature socks."