The Good guys Notes #6 - Art, Shoes and Veganism

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Hello, Good Guys friends,

Welcome to The Good Guys Notes #6

Today, I will talk about all the amazing artists I met along the way and who created artworks for Good Guys

I, Marion, founder of Good Guys, love Art and Artists, and I always consider Good Guys an artistic, personal, and collaborative project.

I work daily with a small team and follow my tastes and desires when it comes to the Good Guys collections. I often fall in love with the work of other artists and offer them to collaborate with Good Guys. 

David Ivar Herman Dune, Musician and visual artist:

David Ivar is my muse and partner, a constant source of inspiration and ideas. I admire his energy and vision. It's natural to start with him and show you a few of the designs he created all these years for Good Guys.
Below you can see a selection of artworks David created for Good Guys. Our logo, pins, stickers, and T-shirts. He designed exclusive artwork for our collaboration with PETA in 2021 and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in 2020. His style is filled with humor, black ink, and cartoon-like characters competing for the "cutest creature ever" title. He is a modern "renaissance man."
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Patricia Tarczynski, graphic designer and illustrator:

I recently discovered Patricia Tarczynski's work, fell in love with her designs and characters, and commissioned a drawing for our social media...It's too cute to be true, and I could totally see an animation with that tiny, sassy apple wearing her boots and dancing around chanting "Go Vegan, Good Guys !".
Patricia is a Hamburg-based graphic designer and illustrator who studied Arts in Dortmund. She designs visual identities, characters, infographics, and short animations. Her illustrations have found their way into German campaigns, magazines, books, and websites.
She said, "In my illustrations, I search for humor and ambiguity."
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Matt Gordon, painter, visual artist:

Another great artist that I discovered in 2016 when I moved to the USA is Matt Gordon. Oh boy ! what a character. He is fun, bright and his brain just explodes with millions of ideas, creatures, and stories. I commissioned him an illustration for a printed T-shirt that Emma Watson ended up wearing (picture below). What he came up with is so brilliant and beautiful. Who doesn't love Matt's art?
Matt Gordon describes himself as " a happy artist living and working in Plymouth, Michigan with his cat, neighborhood squirrels, pencils and paints."
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Pedro Pedro, Artist:

Pedro Pedro lives and works in Los Angeles. I am glad to have him as a friend. He is one of the most prolific and mind-blowing painters of our time. He is the master of "still-lifes" in the most stylish way. The mess we sometimes accumulate at home, the piles of clothing and shoes standing there on the table or in the corner of a room. Well, this "mess" is the main subject of Pedro Pedro's art, and that description does not even start to give his work justice. He is larger than life and funny.
I commissioned Pedro an original drawing for a T-shirt, and we will (FINALLY!!!) release it this month. Pedro Pedro created this original ink drawing for Good Guys, and we turned it into a Pink and a Blue T-shirt.
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Anne-Marie Jones, painter, illustrator:

Anne-Marie is an artist based in the UK. She created our little "dog eat dog eat shoes" illustration that we used for our socks and printed on the lead of our boxes. We love her brushstrokes and freehand drawings. She received many awards and illustrated books, worked with fashion companies. She makes collages, animations, ink drawings, and her imagination seems to run free and translates on the paper beautifully.
We love Anne-Marie!
check Anne-Marie website


Last but not least Jule Muck, painter and mural artist:

Jules is a Greek-American artist who lives in San Pedro. She is known for her "green portraits that covered New York and Venice beach walls where she resided for years." If you live in Los Angeles, look around you, you will find a painting by Jules anywhere it is guaranteed. She's been working for big hotels and companies like Google or any one who wants their garage door painted with a portrait of their dog on it. She's been painting cars and spray painting garbage on the side of the road, making them look beautiful and repurposing them into pieces of art before the garbage truck comes and throws them away.
I commissioned Jules a print for a pair of shoes. She created her "signature "mouth" as an all-over print that we printed on our loafers, the Brubeck.
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Thanks for reading this post.

I don't write them too often as I want to take my time to pick a subject that will interest you GUYS! I hope you enjoyed this last one and see you here sooner than later :)




(I designed this illustration above and you can have a look at my artistic side on Instagram @mayonscrayons)



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