Welcome! You care about our environment, sustainability, the world, the welfare of animals, and you've got style! This must be how you found us at Good Guys, and we thank you for it!

We will now tell you a little bit more about "Good Guys Don't Wear Leather."

Good Guys was born in Paris, France, in 2011. Marion Hanania is the Founder and Designer of the brand. She was, back in 2010, a prolific shoe designer working for many Parisian brands (Isabel Marant, Dévastée, Feiyue, etc...) 
Marion Hanania in her studio pictured by Yana Yatsuk
Through "Good Guys," Marion aims to create the perfect "Cruelty-free" closet, where no animal product is involved, and the production guarantees fair-trade working conditions for workers and are "made in Europe." 
She creates a recognizable and noticeable style through her "Good Guys" collections that vegans and non-vegans wear and adore.
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We work with different suppliers and manufacture our collection in Italy, Spain, Portugal. We carefully choose our collaborators and make sure all our productions are made in a fair-trade environment and are 100% Vegan, from the glue to all the components we use for our shoes.

All the shoes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, sustainable and durable, and made in Europe's fair-trade environment. Good Guys is the 1st Vegan French shoe company and is run by Marion Hanania with the help of long-time collaborator Antonella Santoro.
Video making of a pair of boots 'Hand-Made In Italy.'
Music by David Ivar Herman Dune
Good Guys is PETA-approved and won several awards through the years.
By purchasing a pair of Good Guy's shoes, you are making a conscious choice for yourself, for animals, and for the future of our planet, without compromising on style and quality.
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*Still life picture by Yana Yatsuk
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