Style Guide by Charlotte Huguet- Week#2 the Da Vinci mid-heel Vegan clogs

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Hello, Good Guys friends,

Welcome to The Good Guys Notes #10

Today we invited Charlotte Huguet, Artistic director, and Stylist at Elle France, to style and share three looks with the DA VINCI mid-heel vegan clogs black.

Read Charlotte's interview on the previous blog post " The Good Guys Note #9". 

If you are looking for ideas to wear your shoes, stick around because we will share different looks and tips on a selection of three pairs.



Week#2 - The Da Vinci mid-heel vegan clogs

Charlotte styled one of your favorite pairs of summer clogs, the Da Vinci Mid-heel vegan clogs. They are versatile, stylish, and, yes, let's say it, "utilitarian" shoes (yes, gardening in them is an option) that you can wear as you please. Charlotte is showing us how "cool" and effortlessly elegant they can be.


Charlotte opted for a tight-shirred mini skirt with a floral print. She picked a wide sheer blouse that seemed light as a cloud and tucked it inside the skirt to show the waist, elongate, and add volume to the upper part of her silhouette.
The Da Vinci mid-heel is a perfect match with this fancy outfit. They leave the heel visible and free and give a slightly chunky look to it all. We love this styling!

Blond woman wearing a skirt, a blouse and a pair of clogs inside her home
We love a good oversized timeless, super easy outfit to pair with our clogs. This one is the perfect summer look. Pick a shirt but not any buttoned shirt, an extra-large one in natural cotton or linen fabric. Charlotte tightened a thin belt high around her waist, folded the skirt's wrist, and slid onto her clogs. That's that easy to wear the Da Vinci and look super comfy and stylish simultaneously.
Lean woman wearing an oversized shirt and vegan black clogs in the street
We hope you like short because short is what Charlotte picked for the last outfit to wear with the Da Vinci mid-heel. A beautiful delicate cotton lace blouse paired with a black pencil skirt. This one is almost like the outfit you wear on a Thursday at the office, you know it's not the weekend just yet, but you have the feeling that the clogs will help you ease into it and leave the week behind you. This black and white look screams elegance; the clogs give it a more relaxed "at home" feeling.

Woman with long blond hair, sitting on her porch wearing a blouse, skirt and vegan black clogs
See you next week for the final Style Guide by Charlotte Huguet.

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