The Good Guys Note #12- How to make delicious Vegan Musubi

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Hello, Good Guys friends,

Welcome to The Good Guys Notes #12

Today, we will share one of our favorite Vegan recipes, the Vegan Spam Musubi ala Yaya. Thanks for being here and reading our Good Guys Notes when we find the time to share something we like with you!

Take your apron and get in your kitchen if you are hungry for a good ol' Vegan Spam Musubi*.

*Note: we are using "Omnifoods" vegan steak to replace the original non-vegan SPAM, but you can easily use Tempeh, Tofu, or Seitan instead if you do not have access to Omnifoods in your part of the world.

You can look at the video to understand the process of making the final Vegan Musubi.

"Below find the recipe in images and in words (copy & paste)"
 VEGAN SPAM by Omnifoods !!!
1/ The Marinade
Marinate the Omnifoods Luncheon or your Tofu, Tempeh or Seitan for 1 hour in:
  • 1/2 cup of YUZU PONZU
  • 1/2 cup GF Soy Sauce
  • 1 TB spoon of Paprika
  • 1 T Spoon Garlic Salt
  • 1 T Spoon Ground sesame
  • 3 Pinches of Ginger
Warm 1 TB spoon of sesame oil in a pot
Lightly Toast Rice
Add Three Cups of Water
Add 1/2 Cup of Rice Vinegar
Then add water until Rice gets nice and sticky
When rice is ready, mix with 1/3 Cup of B&W Sesame seeds. 

3/The Vegan Musubi SPAM
Cook the Vegan SPAM in a cast-iron pan
The marinated SPAM shouldn’t stick; oil the pan if you need to.
3 1/2 minutes on each side
Add the rest of the marinade throughout 
Cut your regular-size NORI sheets at 2 1/2 stripes.
One sheet of Nori should provide two stripes to make two Musubis; a thin band should remain. Eat it while you cook! 

Lay your Nori on a clean cutting board
Make a Ball of rice (1/2 cup or to taste)
Compress the rice well or if you have a MUSUBI MAKER, use it!
Shape the rice like a thin brick
Lay it on the Nori
Lay SPAM on top
Wet fingers in warm water
Wet the Top of your Nori
Close Nori (It should stick where it’s wet)
Serve on a plate 2 or 3 per person (3 because it’s dee-licious and you’re going to want more!!!)
Serve with the rest of the rice
You can add a side of Pickled Ginger and Diced Mango with Lemon and Pepper
EN-JOYIt’s the best Recipe you could get!!!!

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