APPLESKIN™ men's collection

Welcome to our AppleSkin™ collection, now officially called Uppeal 
The future of fashion is here and now!
Uppeal™ is an award-winning product; it is a bio-based leather alternative. It is an innovative material made with waste recovered from the fruit juice industry. Made in Italy from apples grown in Bolzano, a city in the north of the country, the material is approximately 30-50% apple. It is vegan and cruelty-free.
A mushy pulp (composed of cellulose fibers) is left over due to juicing apples on an industrial scale. The Uppeal  material is produced by recovering this waste product, that would otherwise be discarded, and transforming it into the final material.
The precise process is a trade secret, but we know that the cellulose is effectively "padding out" the number of virgin materials required to create  Uppeal. Fewer virgin materials equate to fewer natural resources being extracted from the planet, lower emissions, and lower energy consumption across the supply chain.
Uppeal™ is an attractive, versatile, high-performance material that upcycles waste material - always a plus. It's manufactured in Florence, Italy, a mere 6 kilometers from the workshops that create our products, helping to minimize our carbon footprint.

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