The Good Guys Note #14 - Ryan Gosling wears Good Guys in BARBIE

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Hello, Good Guys friends,

Welcome to The Good Guys Notes #14

We hope you had a wonderful summer and a good September so far.

Maybe some of you already know, but we are thrilled about our Lucky vegan cowboy boots being featured in BARBIE, the movie. Ken and Barbie walking side by side in Venice Beach, Ken wearing our white cowboy boots. That's what we call an "epic" feature.

Wait! What?! KEN IS VEGAN? Apparently! He is wearing our Lucky boots in white with his cowboy outfit, which is fantastic, and we couldn't be more excited to share this with you all.

Thanks to Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling are now immortalized as mythical and iconic Barbie & Ken dolls.

Lucky Cowboy Boots .

When we were asked to provide a pair of white cowboy boots for KEN to wear in "Barbie," we were very excited about the idea of the movie made by a woman such as Greta Gerwig and with incredibly talented actors. Still, we were surprised that we would be featured in such epic scenes.⁠ 

Original Good Guys Lucky White boots

We absolutely LOVE the movie and have always been huge fans of Greta Gerwig's work. It is an honor to be part of "Barbie" and at Ken's feet nonetheless. 

BARBIE is a powerful movie in many ways. Marion, the founder of Good Guys, said it really spoke to her and made her think about many aspects of her education and the toxic, misogynistic cultural environment she grew up in during the 80s and 90s as a "girl" and then "teenager" and how lucky we are to see a shift in recent years to allow more space for women to speak up and tell their truth.

 "I am glad women are center stage now, behind and in front of the camera. We are done with the sidelines.!." -Marion.


The boots are so cool, Mattel turned them into miniature boots in a Ken cowboy outfit Doll.



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