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VEGAN SHOES from Paris, cruelty-free & eco-friendly, since 2011

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We are proud to introduce our new line of essentials hand-made shoes and boots. They are entirely hand-made in Italy by a family-owned "Atelier" based in the Marche Region, between the sea and the hills.

Pre-order the OSCAR now, cut, stitched and assembled by hand, these high-quality and long-lasting shoes can be resoled and are 100% vegan.



BECAUSE GOOD GUYS offers an alternative to leather that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, ecological and so Stylish!

Knowing the terrible impact of the leather industry on our planet and the cruelty towards animals that are linked to it, GOOD GUYS help you make a conscious choice by purchasing a product that is Eco-friendly and Ethical.

Good Guys is the 1st French Vegan Shoes Company. Created by Marion Hanania in Paris in 2011, Good Guys' "philosophy" is that "Style" and "Ethics" should go hand in hand.

Good Guys offers a wide range of essential vegan leather and vegan suede footwear. Made from sustainable, durable, and innovative materials that imitate leather and suede to perfection while being "cruelty-free" and "Eco-friendly"

Good Guys shoes are produced in Europe under FAIR WORKING conditions.

"No Animal nor Human were harmed in the making of these shoes"

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Customers' Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wonderful Sneakers

Spencer's review

"I bought these wonderful sneakers about a year ago after wanting to switch up my 'go to' sneakers. I would not turn back now, as these 'Good Guys Samo low tops' are so comfortable, durable....and very stylish."

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So many compliments a day!

Katja's review

"My best (vegan) schoes ever. Most goodlooking sneakers ever. Most comfortable shoes ever. Coolest brand ever. (and i'm the one with the most compliments a day)
Tnx GG"

Shop Felix

Best shoes I ever worn

Amit's review

"Words cannot describe how much I’m in love with these shoes! They’re superbly done, and the only clogs I’ve seen using nails/studs instead of staples.
They do need to be “broken” just like leather clogs so make sure to wear them with socks first."

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Thanks for choosing Good Guys and making a difference by purchasing 100% cruelty-free shoes.

GG team.

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What is APPLESKIN™️ ?

The future of fashion is here and now!

AppleSkin™ is the name of a bio-based leather alternative. It is an innovative new material that is made with waste recovered from the fruit juice industry. Made in Italy from apples grown in Bolzano, a city in the north of the country, the material is approximately 20-30% apple. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

AppleSkin is an attractive, versatile and high-performance material that upcycles waste material - always a plus in our eyes. It's manufactured in Florence, Italy a mere 6 kilometers from the workshops that create our products, helping to minimize our carbon footprint. 

"One of our most innovative materials and it is an "Award-winning Vegan leather". 

✔️ 🍏 ♺. 🌎


Are you wondering what are Emma Watson's favorite sneakers and boots? 

Look no further you've found them! 

Emma strives to highlight ethical brands that are FAIR, SUSTAINABLE, TRANSPARENT and CRUELTY-FREE.

We are proud to have Emma Watson as our Ambassador.



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